The English Park

The Château Révay is in the harmony with the majestic 18.5 ha English park that smoothly flows into a verdant forest. This park – the Arboretum – write its story for centuries now. The memories of a glorious past are guarded by hundreds of deciduous and coniferous trees from all over the world.

The park is an ideal place for an afternoon session with the fresh coffee on the café patio or for a romantic wedding in the wedding gazebo. Open-air events with catering are a distinguished mark of the elegance and uniqueness. The English Park features an Empire greenhouse – the Orangery as well as the former Rosarium that once had up to 160 varieties of roses. Nowadays, the Orangery invites you to take an art walk – we have transformed it into a gallery and studio in which the new works of arts have blossomed.

The park is bordered by a lovely stream flowing through serpentine paths and flowing around a vast grassland that is an ideal place for leisure activities. The forest hides little lakes and rushing streams – this place is the embodiment of the peace and life energy. Take a step back in time and turn your morning walk into a magical experience with an unforgettable atmosphere.


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